Youth Ministry Walls

By Brandon

What does space communicate? Walk into a dining room and find a table set with plates, silverware, and napkins, and no one needs to explain to you what is supposed to happen. Replace the tableware with a deck of cards and a bowl of Chex mix and there is an entirely different message communicated using the same space.

The design communicates intention. Intention sets expectation. Expectation is key to achieving purpose.

In the last year, I have been working on making our youth ministry space communicate our purpose and align with our intentions. The pictures show 5 of 19 walls we are in the process of designing.

I am looking for ideas and inspiration. I would love to know what do your walls say and what your space communicates. If you would like to share, link pictures of your space in the comments below. Here are some addition pics in my FLICKR ALBUM

I highly recommend Brian Berry’s blog post Designing Spaces that Matter. He understands the value of intentional space.

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Creativity and design are some of my greatest weaknesses. I have an idea or concept, but often find it difficult to pull it off. Your post is timely because I’m talking to one of my high school seniors about this very thing.

Great stuff man. Love the connection to what your trying to instill into student through visual means. Question… how would you maybe do this if your space was shared? so something that needed to be put up and taken down? thanks man!!!

I wrote an article on a Practical Theology of Youth Rooms that might help in this discussion.

I am looking to do the same thing with our space. Would love to see more pictures to get my creative juices going. This looks great!

FLICKR ALBUM with additional pics

Love this look! Great job! Where did you get the photos mounted? I have some great mission trip photos that I’d love to mount. Any great deals?

Love what you have done! We are the children’s/youth pastors at our church. We are about to purchase a new church building so I’m trying to get some ideas. Love your space with the tables and brick.

is there another painting to the “God hears” and “God Heals” Series? Im and artists and i found it really inspirational and wanted to know of there was another one

Ashley, those were custom pieces done by an artist named Patty. I am happy to give you her information if you would like.

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