5 Questions After Bible Class

By Brandon

“Did you have fun?” I have probably asked my own kids this question dozens of times after Sunday or Wednesday Bible class. But that is going to change.

One Wednesday night we were talking in the youth class about the cost of following Jesus, specifically looking at Jesus words about hating your mother and father as compared to your devotion to following him. I walked out of the class behind one of the students when a parent asked him, “Did you have fun in class?”

Fun?! I was indignant for about an hour until I realized that I was asking my children the same thing when they came out of their classes.

Deep down I don’t believe parents who send there kids to a Bible class would choose “fun” as the goal. However, the questions we ask communicate what is most important. So here are a few replacement questions that we as parents can ask that keep discipleship as our goal.

5 Questions To Ask After Bible Class

1. What did you learn?

2. How does that change the way you think?

3. How should that change the things you do?

4. How can I help you with this?

5. Do you think there is something we all need to change?

This is just a starter list but changing the questions you ask will change the way students process their experience. It will shift them from “me-centered” to “God-centered”. It will shift the goal from pleasure to discipleship.

What are some other questions that we should be asking that help in discipleship?

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Good stuff. Too often I ask my daughter “how many were there?” as if that’s relevent to my duty as a parent. Thanks for this article. I will be putting this to use with my own daughter


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