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D6 2012 Posts

2012 Speaker Reviews will be posted for some of the speaker sessions.

Click any of the session titles below to read the practical nuggets from each speaker.

Josh Griffin

Reaching that One Kid-            Josh Griffin

Josh Griffin shared some practical advice for reaching the difficult students and navigating difficult situations. This is the kind of stuff you won’t get from professional speakers, writers, etc. This only comes from the trenches of youth ministry.

Rob Reinow

Ministry for Non-Traditional Families- Rob Reinow

Rob Reinow is not another conference speaker junkie. He has a distinct voice when it comes to family discipleship and his ministry is in tune with D6. Many of the speakers at D6 this year will probably be at a number of other ministry conferences. So, do not miss the Rob Reinow content.

Richard Ross

Lifetime Faith in Teens-            Richard Ross

Richard Ross is well-versed in the great Sticky Faith material. If you have ever heard Kara Powell or Chap Clark then most of the material shared in his presentation would not be new to you.

Richard Ross & Pete Wilson

Richard Ross & Pete Wilson- Main Session One

I was impressed with what Pete Wilson brought to D6 this year. He led the D6 audience into the presence of God as our first priority. Richard Ross followed up with real passion. Check out the quotes and notes by clicking on the link above.

Tim Elmore

Artificial Maturity By Tim Elmore Main Session 3

Tim Elmore provides a great analysis of the youth culture and some helpful parenting ideas. If nothing else, go to the digested post of his session for the spot on SNL skit.

Sean McDowell

Sean McDowell on Porn

Sean McDowell makes a compelling argument for whatever he’s talking about and this year he addresses the problem of pornography in families and our culture. Click on the link above for or the weird/artsy picture to the right for quotes from his D6 Presenation.

D6 Conference 2011 Posts

Voddie Baucham- Sports and Discipleship

Doug Fields vs. Voddie Baucham

Student Spiritual Maturity (Allen Pointer’s D6 Presentation)

Quotes from Doug Fields at D6 2011 (daddy4ms)

Children and Parenting

Parenting Tips from David Platt (EpicParent.tv)

David Platt Interview (JonathanCliff.com)

Dr. Emmerson Eggerichs Interview (JonathanCliff.com)

Rob Rienow Backstage Interview (LemonLimeKids.com)

Brian Haynes Interview- Legacy Path book

D6 General Session

David Platt- By Fear or Love

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